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Smart Precinct NQ presents

" TIQ workshop series:

Harnessing the e-commerce gold rush."

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Smart Precinct NQ is pleased to present a series of workshops brought by TIQ and designed to build your capability with e-commerce and help you take advantage of digital platforms to access global markets.


Since mid-2020, there has been a seismic shift in the adoption curve of e-commerce, and it is increasingly clear that to truly compete in the future you will need at least a hybrid online business model.


Join us for a 5-workshop series that will enable you to harness this e-commerce gold rush and do better online. 


Enjoy open discussions with eCommerce gurus and business experts at Smart Precinct NQ. 


The schedule of this program includes:

1.    An introduction to e-commerce.

Townsville - Friday 28 May 2021
10:00am–2:00pm    Quest Townsville on Eyre
19-21 Leichhardt Street
North Ward QLD 4810    

2.    E-commerce business model canvas.

Your strategic blueprint to winning at cross border e-commerce

Time to draw from your knowledge and research so far and apply these learnings to launching in a new market. Start by first validating your product and the opportunity to develop an e-commerce framework as part of your Go-To Market plan.

  • Market entry e-commerce strategy development

  • Product Validation, which products to sell, where to sell

  • Global transaction processes, payment processes (platforms) and order fulfillment

  • Regulatory requirements and risk associated with doing business in different countries related to e-commerce (case studies)

  • Supply chains, packaging and labelling as part of e-commerce in international markets (determining the right sales channel)

  • Your marketing mix.

Townsville - Wednesday 9 June 2021

Online session (Zoom)

3. Choosing the right e-commerce platforms for your business.

A deep dive

Be better informed about the myriad of e-commerce platforms out there and the benefits and pitfalls of each option. In this session, you will learn about setting up an e-commerce platform that is most suited for your business at the current stage of your e-commerce journey. We will also touch upon:

  • Getting started: which platform should you go with?

  • logistics

  • product placement

  • inventory management

  • pricing

  • marketing and promotion

  • backend

  • costs.

Townsville    Friday 18 June 2021

"Watch Party" Session and group discussion at Smart Precinct NQ

4. Scaling your e-commerce business.

Leveraging global online marketplaces for new market launches

Using the US market as an example, learn from Australian businesses that have successfully launched overseas by tapping into an online marketplace like Amazon and have reduced their time and cost to market entry. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • the Opportunity on Amazon

  • how Australian businesses have succeeded in selling on Amazon – a case study

  • getting started and selling on a global online marketplace – walkthrough on setup

  • your e-commerce marketing and promotion strategy

  • social media influencers in-market

  • brand ambassadors

  • translation

  • engaging in-market consultants

  • aftercare and scaling customer support.

We will also gather all your questions during the workshop and address them as part of an actionable launch plan for your business in Workshop 5.

Townsville    Monday 28 June 2021

"Watch Party" Session and group discussion at Smart Precinct NQ

5. Is your business ready?

Putting it all together

This workshop will involve mapping out an actionable plan for your business. Your local TIQ representative will provide expert advisory on the various grants that are available from TIQ to support your e-commerce growth plans.

The workshop will cover:

  • analysis of your business e-commerce capability

  • discussion on what steps you need to take to be ready for your desired market/markets

  • developing your plan for e-commerce in their business and determining the right sales channel

  • TIQ programs that enable you to get the best outcome for your business

  • Townhall – addressing all questions collated from previous workshops

Townsville    Tuesday 13 July 2021
10.00am–2.00pm    Quest Townsville on Eyre
19-21 Leichhardt Street
North Ward QLD 4810    

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