If you have been sitting on an idea for some time, or have a startup that needs a bit of a boost, we highly recommend you join The Startup Onramp Founders Course.

Applications for the fourth cohort of 2022 are now open, so please subscribe to our newsletter or get in touch with us for updates.

Startup Onramp



Major topics include:

  1. Startup basics

  2. Startup success

  3. Startup failure

  4. Value propositions

  5. Validating your idea

  6. Building and launching

  7. Naming and branding

  8. Sales and marketing

  9. Legal basics

  10. Funding

  11. Investment

  12. Pitching​


...along with plenty more tips and tricks to give your venture the best chance of success.



In addition to the world class content available to all participants of the Startup Onramp pre-accelerator, members of Smart Precinct will also be invited to our weekly meetups (online and in-person) to discuss each weeks learning, gain insights from others, as well as make amazing local connections with fellow entrepreneurs.

guest speakers 2021.JPG

We appreciate the participation of these amazing guest speakers:

  • Nathan Nguyen (CEO of Land Rex) - Startup basics, success & failure.

  • Dr Marcus Powe (Senior Professor of Innovation at JCU) - Startup basics, success & failure.

  • Keagan Chisnall (Safety Culture) - Value proposition & Validating your startup idea.

  • Wayne Morris (Area 61 JCU) - Validating your startup idea & Building and launching your product.

  • Ivan Brewer (Founder of PEISO) - Validating your startup idea & Building and launching your product.

  • Kellie Stephenson (Founder of Support Local Townsville) - Naming and branding & Sales and marketing for startups.

  • Nathan Mark (Principal Solicitor at Aspera Legal & Consulting)- Legal basics for startups

  • Dona Patane (Co-founder of NQ Angels) - Funding for startups

  • Daniel Kendall (Founder of DakTech)- Advice for teams

Cohort 4 is currently OPEN!


If you are interested in being part of next cohort starting in July 2022, please get in touch with our Program Coordinator, Dr Lydia Canovas at info@spnq.org


The course broke it down on a weekly basis and it really allowed me to amplify some of the things that I already understood, and really focus and have resources on things I had simply no idea about."
 Ivan Brewer, Founder of Peiso