Join the Smart Collective Community! 

At Smart Precinct NQ, we know that when you connect a diverse crowd of talented people together MAGIC HAPPENS... 

Calling all inventors, entrepreneurs, software developers, educators, industry leaders, innovators and supporters! WE WANT YOU!

Our goal is to link the innovation community of NQ to facilitate the opportunities, learnings, inspiration and connections that we know is the foundation of an exceptional startup ecosystem. 

What is the SmartCollective?

SmartCollective is a new initiative designed to provide members of the NQ innovation community with the ability to tap in to their local support network. 

How does it Work?

Designed as a monthly subscription service, for just $10 a month (or $100 a year) you can get access to the following:

  • Access to our monthly ecosystem meetup - "Last Wednesday Connect".

  • 1 hour consultation with our Growth Consultant to discuss your business needs.

  • Use of (for up to 5 hours a week) of our shared 'drop-in' space - Smart Precinct NQ's Landing Pad. 

  • A Smart Collective cap!

  • *Discounts on selected programs and events.

*Discounts will be highlighted where applicable. 

landing pad workspace

Up to 5 hours access per week to work out of our Landing Pad at 143 Walker Street. 

Kitchen facilities and WIFI included

Event access

Get exclusive access to Smart Precinct NQ events along with discounts on programs and workshops

Growth consulting

Book a complimentary growth consulting session with our Business and Investment Lead, Lydia Canovas

SmartCollective Cap

Join the club! 

Get your very own SmartCollective cap when you sign up!

We believe in the power of organic connections. Through SmartCollective we hope to build a hub of connectivity and collaboration where great businesses are built and our community thrives.