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Youth Membership

Youth entrepreneurship and STEM are becoming increasingly relevant as future pathways for our young people. However extra-curricular activities can be hard to find and are often expensive. Smart Precinct NQ aims to make these more accessible with Student Memberships for
Junior and High School.

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Sole Traders | Supporters Membership

There are many people who want to be connected with the Startup and Innovation Community. They could be service providers who feel that they can help local entrepreneurs, supporters who simply like what we do, or government personnel that want to be close to our community.

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Developer Membership

Talent attraction and retention is a challenge in Townsville making it hard for businesses to grow and scale. By making an effort to upskill, engage and connect local developers with local business, we have an opportunity to retain existing businesses and create new ones.

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Startup | Inventor Membership

Do you aspire to have a successful startup? An Ideas Man (or woman!), early stage entrepreneur or inventor? Without the right advice, networks and resources it can be hard to identify the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.  Join a community with the experience and learned knowledge to help you take that leap.

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Scaleup | SME Membership

Are you an established business looking to effectively scale and reach new markets? An established traditional business with aspirations to create a culture of innovation? 

Identifying the pathways to innovation, increased market share and financial growth security, can be difficult especially while still keeping the business in motion.

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Meeting Room Business

Industry | Corporate Membership

The Industry or Corporate Membership aims to assist large established businesses. Especially those looking to overcome significant challenges within their company through access to specialist service providers, innovation programs and networks.

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