Our Team
Headshot - Matt Stein Greyscale

Matt Steine

Managing Director


Expert in Residence

Expert in Residence

Lydia Canovas

Business & Investment Lead

Dr. Lydia Canovas


Head of Engagement

Community Activator

Miranda Mears

Jayne Arlett


Megan Colwell

Business Growth Consultant 


Kylie Swain

Tyla Craven-Griffiths

Business Trainee

Business Trainee 

Cassandra Cazzulino

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Jessica Jurkin

Our Board

Stuart King (Chair)

Ian Atkinson

Cr Jenny Hill

Mark Horn

Mayor - Townsville City Council

Blake Pelling

Ian Smythe

Director of Education and Training - TAFE Queensland

Blake Pelling

Project Lead - Safety Culture

Director - Fierce Ventures

Professor of eResearch - JCU

Director of Strategic Development Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia - Cubic

John Chandler

Business and Higher Education Consultant - Townsville STEM Hub

Mayor of Townsville

Tristan Davey

Senior Software
Developer - RANlytics,
Chairperson - DevNQ