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Facilities available for hire

Smart Precinct NQ facilities are available for hire
Book our board room or large and fully furnished event space for a great rate today!

Smart Precinct NQ's boardroom and Event Space are the ideal choice for all your corporate, presentation, training and events needs, with our facilities located right in the heart of Townsville City.

The following resources are included in the hiring of either the board room or event space:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Plenty of chairs and modular tables to orientate rooms and accommodate guests however you wish

  • A neat, fully stocked, and accessible kitchenette

  • Large screens for video conferences and live-streaming

  • COVID Safe plan and check-in services

Bookings are available for Monday-Friday.

Board Room 2.jpg
Board Room 1.jpg


        20 people

  • Live-stream / virtual conference capabilities

  • White-boards, modular tables, tea/coffee facilities 

Event Space 2.jpg
Event Space 1.jpg

Event Space

        80 people max 

  • Live-stream / virtual conference capabilities

  • White-board, modular tables, tea/coffee facilities 

To enquire about a booking, please email info@spnq.org and our team will be in contact to discuss further.